Goals and Vision

NGUMM_Logo1Goals of the UMM of the NGC

  •  Increase participants in the local Men’s Ministry fellowships
  • Increase number of Men’s Ministry units / church who are Chartered
  • Increase participation in EMS (Every Man Shares in Evangelism Mission and Spiritual Growth
  • Insure effective communications, cooperation, and resources with all UMM organizations.

  • Promote and encourage participation the 10 areas of ministry –

    o  Evangelism, Spiritual Development, Prayer Advocacy,Hunger Advocacy, Missions, Disaster Response, Prison Ministry, Scouting, Leadership Develp Development and Communications.

 Vision of the NGC UMM  

The United Methodist Men of the North Georgia Conference are Inviting and Encouraging Men to be Engaged in Service and Fellowship with the Purpose of  Developing Disciples of Jesus Christ!


Mission of the UMMen NGa

“Building Servant Leaders for Christ”  The United Methodist Men of the NGC shall serve the NGCsupport the mission of the NGC UMM, assist men to know Jesus Christ, to serve Him, to grow spiritually and seek daily to do his will

Encourage Men to:

–  Seek daily Christ’s way of life through prayer and Bible reading;

–  Bear witness to this way in my daily work and all personal contacts through my words and actions;                 

 –  Engage in some definite Christian service by recognizing that I work in partnership with God in the stewardship of my life.




By-Laws and Constitution of District

United Methodist Church United Methodist Men (UMM)

The business for this unit shall be conducted in an orderly manner according to the Constitution and By-Laws. At the discretion of the President, major issues may be decided in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article III   UMM Committees

A.  General Membership Committee (GMC): This committee includes all men of the Griffin District churches and non members who desire to participate in UMM activities. The GMC plans and organizes UMM activities.

B.  Executive Board (EB): The EB consists of elected officers, a representative of the clergy, representatives of men’s groups or ministries, and at-large members as determined necessary by the GMC. It meets at the call of the President, DS, or as often as it deems necessary. The EB evaluates how well UMM is ministering to the needs of the membership. It meets, as required, between GMC meetings to transact interim business. However, all transacting must be approved by the unit at its next regular or special meeting.

C.  Ad-Hoc Committees: Committees may be designated by the EB to administer various UMM programs, activities and special events. They may be standing or temporary committees. The leader of each ad-hoc committee will be a member of the EB.

 D.  Nominating: The UMM Nominating Committee shall be selected from the general membership by the EB prior to the annual meeting of the GMC. It shall consist of five persons, led by the Nominating Chairperson. The committee shall present its slate of officers and chairmen of all standing committees prior to elections at the annual (3rd quarter) business meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor.

Article IV   Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the District UMM will normally be held once a quarter at a place and time to be determined by the President and the EB (reference Constitution, Article IX).

Article V   Voting Procedures

Voting in an election for officers shall be by general acclamation unless the EB determines secret ballot is required. Voting on all other matters at GMC or EB meetings shall be by voice vote or show of hands.

Article VI   Vacancy

When a vacancy occurs in an office or a committee, it shall be filled by the President in consultation with the EB.

Article VII  Amendments

The by-laws may be amended at any GMC meeting by a two-thirds vote of all members present if notice of such proposed amendment is given at least 10 days in advance.